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Doc's Catfish Dip Bait,
Worms & Hook Remover

Don't know what you make it out of but it surely does work. My friend and I caught 126 catfish in about six hours last year on the Tennessee River in Alabama. They went from 2 pounds to about 5 pounds. Looking forward to going to Alabama again this year.

Jeff Staggs

   1st of all I would really like to say thank you very much for making such a great stink bait.  2nd I'd like you to know of my rewards using Doc's.  I've been using Doc's close to 3 years, and every time I've used it, I've really caught some monster cats ranging from 3 lbs to 13 lbs, & this is really when I thought it was time to drop you a couple lines.  It was a Thursday night about 7:40 p.m., and as always I've been using your advice fishing shallow waters.
   Well to my surprise, after approx 20 minutes, I pulled in a very ugly & scary 16 lb channel cat.  The biggest I've ever challenged.  What a fight!  And all to say that I used your terrific advice and superb bait!
   I've been really bragging about your product to all my fishin buddies they couldn't believe all the cats I've caught!
   From a very satisfied customer, thank you kindly.

Patrick Naughton
Sandwich, Illinois

   Doc's Catfish Worm Hook Remover is very strong, durable and simple to use. Doc's Getter Dip bait calls catfish out of any hiding place. Just use the bait as instructed, and get ready for big fish.

Jeff Davidson
Greenfield, Tennessee
   The Catfish Worms looked a little strange at first, but they work. I caught 11 channel cats in one night using the worm and Getter Dip Bait, and had no problem with the bait staying on the worm. The Worm Hook Remover is simple to use. Just put the line in the slot and slid the device into the fish's mouth, and out comes the worm and hook.

Ken Wheeler
Ransom, Pennsylvania
   The Worm Hook Remover although simply made, is very effective at removing worm hooks. It could use some directions on the package, but it is a very handy product. The Catfish Worms were also very impressive, and the Getter Dip Bait is excellent. The directions on the back of the container make it easy for non-experienced anglers to use. These products were outstanding of catching catfish.

Daniel Kozyra
Oaklawn, Illinois
   Doc's Worm and Hook Remover works much better than other brands I've tried. It gets those hooks that fish swallow out much better.
   Doc's Soft Catfish Dip Bait & Super Catfish Worms are without a doubt the best catfish catching team I have ever used. I tested Doc's Soft Catfish Bait with two other top brands, Catfish Charlie and Little Stinkers and found Doc's caught fish three to one. I have nothing but good things to say about Doc's Soft Catfish Bait, and highly recommend it to everyone who loves to catch catfish.

Richard V. Corley
Benton, Arkansas
   I would have to say that Doc's Catfish Bait System is the best I've ever used. The prepared bait and specially designed worm hooks work very well together. The worm hooks hold the bait very well, even after being under water for some time. The systems design allows the angler to prepare and present the bait to the fish without getting it all over himself, making Doc's the cleanest prepared bait system I've ever used.
   I also recommend the specially designed Doc's Catfish Worm Hook remover. It makes hook removal almost effortless. Not only does it work well on the worm hooks, but it also works equally well on any straight line and hook rig.

Joseph Perkins
Memphis, Tennessee
   It's unbelievable how many more catfish you can catch using The Catfish Worm Hook Remover. You spend more time filling your stringer and less time removing hooks, because it removes hooks like a hot knife going through butter.
   Matching Doc's Super Worms and Doc's Catfish Bait were like a dinner bell ringing to the catfish even though high winds and a cold front were approaching, the dinner bell still rang and the catfish were glad to answer. We highly recommend these products to our fellow members.

Micheal Teague
Front Royal, Virginia
   When I last wrote to you I had not used your product yet having just received my order, but I have now and thought you might be interested in the results.  The only reason I ordered your product was because the claims made by Terry Madewell in his articles and book were too incredible to believe.  For years I felt the ultimate catfish bait was fresh-water clams/mussels.  In two outings so far, your bait has totally destroyed and outfished clams, I was (am) dumbfounded to say the least.
   On both occasions my 12 year old boy was with me - he using clams while I used Doc's.  He never so much as got a nibble (not even a smell as I like to say) while I pulled in catfish one after another.  At times, the bait would be in the water only seconds, and I would have a bite.  When my boy switched to Doc's he started catching fish immediately.  I couldn't believe anything could outfish clams that profoundly.  Needless to say, you have a customer for life - also the hook remover works great.  Your worms are amazing.  I have hooked every fish I have struck at 100%.  When the catfish take the worm and go, they take off like they're going to New Orleans - unreal.  I have my brother-in-law using your bait and have told the guys at work how well Doc's works.  I catfish for a living - I only go to Dupont to support this habit.  I am a super serious river rat.
   Thanks once again for a great product and great service.  It is a pleasure to do business with you people.

Gary Moon
Washington, West Virginia

   P.S.  I don't know if Doc's will stay on the worm for 15 minutes as you state because in these two outing so far I have never gone that long between fish!!!  This is true.  I haven't stopped grinning yet.  Thanks a bunch.

   The Catfish Worm Hook Remover is far better than pliers and some other hook disgorgers. When the hook remover is slid over the line by pushing down the treble hooks come loose and come out of the fish mouth without catching somewhere else. This hook remover works just as will with a single hook as a treble hook also.
   Due to flooding and poor fishing conditions the last two months, I did not fish very mush, but when using Doc's Catfish Dip Bait at two lakes, I caught catfish. The Super Catfish Worms will hold the bait very well in the grooves around the hooks, thus letting the bait stay in the water for longer periods of time before washing off. To everyone who fishes for for catfish I recommend Doc's Catfish Getter Dip Bait. The scent of this bait will attract catfish to your location. I recommend this bait and Hook Remover to anyone who likes to fish for catfish.

Richard Rowe
Chillicothe, Ohio
   Doc's Catfish Worm Hook Remover has got to be the neatest thing since sliced bread. Works well on the fish even though some were hooked very deep. Every fish could have been released in good condition. anyone who uses worm hooks will love this little tool. Can also be used with regular hook as will. Every member should have one in their box.
   Between my brother and myself we used Doc's Dip Bait and Super Worms for all our cat fishing along with worm and other fresh cut bait. We found it worked very well in all situations fished. On three occasions, we would have gotten skunked without Doc's Dip Bait.
   Will continue to fish with it.

Herchel Anderson
Davenport, Iowa
   Doc's Catfish set worked great for me during my fishing on the Fox River Chain.
1. Even through multiple weather changes during my outing, the bait stood up well.
2. The bait helped me hook into many good sized channel cats, while live bait produced fewer and smaller fish.
3. The Hook Remover took the hooks out quickly and easily without any injury to me, my bait or the fish. This Hook Remover is a must.
4. the bait came off my hands easily without leaving its scent behind.
5. With revolutionary bait, I did not have to go through the hated tasks of dealing with nitecrawlers, or other forms of live bait rigs or the mess of mixing my own bait dips up.
CLOSING: Finally I have to highly recommend Doc's Catfish set to anyone fed up with the hassles of live bait.

Thomas S. Geryol
Waukegan, Illinois
   The first time I used Doc's Catfish Getter Dip Bait I couldn't believe the results! I fished in several lakes beside my friends which were also in a boat and they were using chicken livers, tube baits and never got a bite. As the story goes, if you don't get a bite in 15 minutes, move on. They moved very little and got no fish, we moved several times but the end result was worth it. I highly recommend Doc's Catfish Bait, Doc's Super Catfish Worms and Doc's Catfish Worm Hook Remover - they are a very good put together package. Don't settle for anything less than Doc's because a fun day you will have.

Francis L. Martin
Mesa, Arizona


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