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Maggie's Catfish Catfish from Rock Rapids, IA Newman, CA Prescott, AR
Catfish from the Broad River, Pomaria, SC Catfish from West Columbia, SC Catfish from Chico, CA Catfish from Kansas City, KS
Fox River Berlin, Wisconsin
Teaching kids to fish for carp at Fox Lake, Illinois
Baraboo River, Wisconsin  


Fish caught on Docs from Kansas City

I was teaching my boy how to fish for carp since it was what I first learned from my grandpa... We usually use a different bait but could not attain any cause it was so early in the morning so I stopped at the local bait shop and found your better carp getter bait... this stuff worked great and we had a great day. It totally amazed me cause I have never found anything that could even come close to the bait we usually use and this stuff is just as good if not better.. I am attaching some pictures for you to see and I will be ordering some more of this by the case... Thanks again for making such a fine product

Thank you, Brian Melton

A hungry catfish 

Kolten and Mason Bus, Rock Rapids, Iowa

6lb 5oz catfish

Well Doc's catfish bait worked again for us. I had Glenda hold up her catfish because she caught the biggest one.  We used blood bait and extra stiff for hot weather.
Our fishing trip to Minnesota July 29-30 we went to the lakes and only caught 5 lake fish.  so we went to the Minnesota river in Mankato and caught probably 25 catfish but we only kept 16 that were a good size to eat.  Had fun. thought I would send you these pictures for Docs information.
Talk to you later
Love ya
Norb and Cookie

All these fish were caught in the Baraboo River, Wisconsin

here's a pic from last year, Doc's won me a bet from my coworkers and made me some money!
Thanks Jake Gulling.

You were right about the bait, this is a 7# channel I caught today on Little River below Millwood Dam. We caught 6 others from 2# up.
Thanks, Clayton Friend

Caught from the Minnesota River on Doc's in July 2004.
Cookie & Jeaneen


1st Catfish, August 2003 �
Kolten B.

Thanks Doc's �
Eric M.

Thanks Doc's �
Reggie T.


The catfish were caught during a four hour fishing trip at Lake Wiley in South Carolina. They have been catching these kind of fish for over a year and a half, usually a 70 qt. cooler full 90% of the time. The guys have been accused of using everything but dynamite.
James Guyton & Dean White � Doc's users for four years.




"Buzz was never sold on stink bait until he tried Doc's. Then he was like a walking advertisement, telling everyone how good the bait works. He always had Doc's bait on hand at his cabin in LaPorte City, on the Cedar River. It was Jakes first time cat fishing with his grandma and grandpa. He really enjoyed the catch."

Cookie & Charlie


The foot is mine. Just to give an idea on how big the fish was, you could measure him in feet. ha ha.
Cookie sent these pictures to me. We caught these on the Minnesota river, in Henderson, Minnesota. We caught most of these in the same fishing hole. Didn't even need to move down river. It's like they were coming to us. Of course us women caught more then the men. They say it's because they were to busy taking our fish off the hooks. This is probably true, but the fact remains. we did catch more.

See ya,


L to R - 10#, 8#, 20#, 25#, 50#, 45# & 35#

Hi, I just placed an order w/Docs & thought you might want to see some of the ones we caught last time out.

Thanks, WM. C. Haase

My granddaughter caught the 50#, 45# and the 35#.
She was thrilled as was grandpa.

200 LBS - 46 FISH

Santee-Cooper trip,  May 13-15, 2003


Docs did it again!!!

Thanks for making a great product...

WM. C. Haase



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