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Noted as being one of the most important factors in finding consistently good cat fishing. In rivers, structures are the log jams, brush piles, sunken logs, below riffles, points off sand bars, cut banks, and drop-offs where feeder streams enter rivers. Sand or gravel bottoms, no mud, with a moderate current are good consistent catfish attracting spots. You�ll find catfish midway between swift water and dead calms. This will take some experimentation each time out. Remember, structure to catfish is home, a place where they congregate in large numbers during the time when they are not out prowling for food.
RIGGING...To rig your line, first put your line thru an egg-shaped or slip sinker. Then tie on a snap swivel and attach your hook, worm or sponge to the swivel. The snap swivel makes it easy to change worms with deeply hooked fish. Now bait your rig and get ready for some good fishing. Since catfish are very sensitive to resistance, fish with an open bail so that when the catfish picks up the bait, he can run with it. Be sure to set the hook hard when he starts to run off with it.

Now available to the public... Two different temperature ranges of dip baits. The extra-stiff dip bait for extremely hot weather of over 90 degrees, and the regular dip bait for normal temperature ranges of 70->90 degrees.
USING DIP BAITS...Dip Baits are noted for their fast action on catching catfish. Fishing dip baits require baiting more often, but usually produces more fish, the reason being that the bait milks off the worm at a faster rate than dough bait does. After rigging your line, attach a worm or sponge to your swivel, making sure you use a dry worm, (the bait won�t readily adhere to a wet worm, blot dry with a towel first if necessary) use a small stick and stir the bait well, then push your worm into the bait far enough to cover the worm.

Doc�s Carp Baits are a proven carp getter bait. Made available in two flavors, Vanilla and Anise, they are both a dough type bait to be used with a treble hook.
USING CARP BAITS...Carp Baits are designed to stay on your hook for a longer period of time, thus eliminating the need to bait so often. Just remove a small amount of bait from the container and roll it in a ball around a treble hook, making sure the shank and eye of the hook are covered with bait.

Our customers say this is a good way to help hook catfish and they do not get tangled as much in underwater brush.

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